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Evolve your risk management experience

Archer RMIS AI offers a range of intelligent, intuitive and cost-effective solutions including claims management, incidents, insurance renewals and analytics. Combining technology with solution support leads to innovation outcomes.

AI Integrated Interface

RMIS AI interfaces take user-friendly to a new level. With a simple AI integrated interface tasks are easy to complete and information as at your fingertip. Just ask….

Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency ≠ cost-effectiveness. RMIS AI is not only cost-effective, but seeks to constantly drive efficiency by implementing latest technologies as they are available.

Expert Consultative Support

Consultation has been given a bad name. Great consultation isn’t agreeing to do what you want, but learning why you do it and solve your problems in a new way.


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Intelligent Analytics
Discover your outliers, summarize your problems, find solutions on the fly….
Track all claim details in one place. Streamline workflows and reports.
Capture information. Severity prioritization. Prevent future incidents.
Renewals & Exposure Collection
Policies and exposure data. Instant data collection. Renewals made easy.
Safety and Loss Control
Integrate recommendations, action plans, and safety info company-wide.
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